If you love onboard racing footage but wish that all that pesky commentary didn’t get in the way, you need to follow YouTuber and International Road Racing Championship competitor Murtanio ASAP. Back in July 2019, we introduced you to the racer, his R6, and how great his recording setup on a qualifying lap was.

Since then, Murtanio definitely hasn’t been one to simply rest on his laurels. He posts videos frequently and this one is a special treat. How often do you get uninterrupted POV race footage of a beautiful road racing course in the Czech Republic? Not very often and it's definitely not sounding this good. 

Listen to Murtanio’s R6 howl around the road course in anger. Even after he falls behind some of the other racers, it’s still a glorious thing to both see and hear. Some racing series don’t allow racers to have cameras on their bikes or helmets when they’re racing or we’d probably see a lot more footage like this in 2019. 

That comparative rarity makes well-recorded footage like this all the more precious. Also, I’d like to note that I am absolutely enthusiastic about electric motorcycles and how they’re evolving—as well as electric racing series. Giving up a sound like this is a lot, though. Even though I generally wear earplugs when I’m at racetracks, let alone while riding, it’s still a sound I’d miss if it ever went away completely. 

2019 is Murtanio’s second season in road racing and if you watch his videos from the beginning, you can see him gaining confidence. It’s a fun journey to take and I definitely recommend wearing headphones when you do. Sit back, get some snacks, and enjoy the fun at road races across Europe. 

He’s mostly on an R6, but there are a few on board a Daytona 675 as well. That’s a majestic roar you truly have to hear through some quality headphones to fully appreciate. 

Source: YouTube

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