Last week we ran a story on why Indoor Supermoto is simply outrageous (click the link below). It's some of the coolest bikes ever raced on a tight, dark, slick and fast race track normally reserved for go-karts. Also, there are no rain delays for indoor Supermoto racing.

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I can tell you how it is, but nothing compares to experiencing it for yourself. But shy of buying you a ticket to Germany, a POV video is the next best thing. Here are two races I competed in a couple years ago, enjoy.

Rottweil, Germany, December 2012.

Team Lothar Schauer hosted our first race of the year in Rottweil Germany. Team America knew (myself and some friends) that it was going to be interesting racing against moto-crossers- but in the end we did pretty good. Rich DeRousse – (the white tiger leathers)- scored a 3rd place finish as the only American to podium in Rottweil. Cameras used were Tachyon and Iphone 4.

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Celle, Germany, Feb. 2013

My second foray into racing super-moto vs. a grid of seasoned German’s was on a very cold morning in Celle, Germany- near Hannover. Video was recorded on a mix of cameras with Iphone 4, GoPro 3’s and Tachyon onboard cameras. As the only American competitor in Celle I was a student and definitely not a master- the grid was full of some big names in semi pro/club road racing from around Germany.

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Watch this Wild POV Ride on an Indoor Supermoto Track
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