Watching tight motorcycle drift skills on display is intense. Just like anything, if you get good enough at something, pretty soon the challenge goes away—and then where’s the fun? Oh, I know! Let’s set up a limbo pole and invite a line of participants on a bunch of bikes to all have a go! 

That’s it. That’s the basic premise of motorcycle drift limbo. This silly, awesome sport is the activity you may not even have known you were missing until now. The goal is simple. Build up just enough speed to drift your bike around the pole and under the ever-decreasing limbo stick without either a) bonking some part of your person/bike, or b) getting off and setting your bike down. 

Naturally, not everyone participating succeeded at either of these two things. What’s extra excellent is that even those who failed managed to do so with style. That’s almost as impressive as simply nailing it because being able to recover and react so quickly is a skill in itself. 

Having a get-off in this competition isn’t the end of the world. Even the few people who dumped their bikes had sliders on, and it was a simple matter of just picking the bike back up and going around again. No major damage, no injuries, just a bit of silly fun—and pretty impressive if done properly, despite its apparent silliness. 

Now, if only someone would arrange a competition like this with minibikes. Just imagine the possibilities! It’s still not probably at the level of ‘party game,’ where you could whip this out as a legit suggestion at family gatherings instead of the actual limbo (seriously, we have to tell you not to try this at home). I’d be willing to bet there are some people who are probably better at doing a moto drift limbo than doing actual limbo with their actual limbs, off any bike.

Source: YouTube


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