If you’ve ever wondered what happens when your bike gets stolen, but you have an anti-theft tracking device on it, this video from UK theft recovery firm Automatrics is here to help. The good news is, their system works! The owner of the BMW R 1200GS seen here successfully got his bike back in one piece after it was stolen. 

In the video, the Automatrics recovery specialist follows the information provided by the tracker, and soon locates what he believes is the correct bike hiding under a cover next to an apartment building. Surprisingly, the thieves haven’t switched the license plate yet, and the recovery guy is able to quickly verify that it’s the correct bike. 

Recovery guy then phones the owner and the local police, since the owner will need to come collect his bike and the police will need to take it out of their system, so the owner doesn’t get arrested for riding a stolen bike. Unsurprisingly, the police take over half an hour to get there and check everything out. 

When they finally arrive, it’s maddening to watch as a motorcyclist. Two undercover cops show up to check out the scene, and then proceed to moan about how difficult it would be to find the thieves. Fingerprints would be impossible, etc., etc., let’s just take this out of the system and be glad the guy got his bike back, yeah? 

No. No, guys, why don’t we actually try to knock on some doors and find out who did this? The Automatrics guy seems faintly disgusted by the seeming lack of care the police are showing this theft, as well. The thieves busted the steering lock on the BMW to take it away, and they also busted up part of the rear of the bike. The owner had to have a van come and take the bike away. He was unable to ride it home because it wouldn’t start, thanks to the thieves. He got the bike back, but where’s the justice?

Your faith in humanity might be somewhat restored when you learn that other residents of the building came out to the theft recovery guy and offered him some CCTV footage to help identify the thieves. If the police weren’t going to do it, at least the local citizenry still cared enough to try. 

That’s exactly what you want to see from everyday people, but why aren’t the police even trying? UK folks, how do you deal with this bonkersness on a daily basis? I’m genuinely curious. Me, I’d be absolutely fuming. In fact, I’m mad for you right now. 

Source: YouTube

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