Backcountry Discovery Routes co-founder Sterling Noren just set off on his latest solo adventure, and once again, he’s taking us all along for the ride via his YouTube channel. For those not already aware, Noren has been making motorcycle travel videos for years—and is, in fact, a guiding force behind those amazing BDR documentary films that inspire countless riders to get out and explore each year. 

In the first video of his latest series, Noren outlines the upcoming trip—which starts at his home base in Bisbee, Arizona, loops up into British Columbia, Canada, and then heads back south, toward home. Noren, who is 53 years old, will be riding his BMW R 1200 GS Rallye—which incidentally, also has 53,000 miles on the clock. The approximate length of this trip will be 53 days, because it seems to be the magic number this time around. 

As an experienced moto traveler, Noren has a system for packing all the essential items that he’ll need for this trip. He likes to camp outside as much as possible, as well as cook his own food and fully enjoy the far-flung places that he rides to on every trip.  

Although the length of time to be spent is about 53 days, the exact mileage isn’t clear yet, because he always builds in time and space to explore along the way. The current estimate is somewhere between 7,000 and 10,000 miles—but how he and the bike feel, as well as the circumstances that present themselves along the way, will help to dictate how long the actual journey ends up being. 

Because he’s also a seasoned moto documentary filmmaker, Noren is, of course, also bringing a host of camera equipment with him so that he can properly document the trip. While he’s provided behind-the-scenes information on both his equipment and his process before, he plans to do quite a bit more of it along this journey. If you’re interested in gaining insights into documenting your own fantastic future motorcycle journeys, you may want to tune into this latest series for that information, as well. Just click through the YouTube video if you’re interested in subscribing to his channel. 

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