While it has built a solid reputation in the realm of off-road and enduro, Husqvarna has been gradually garnishing a road-oriented family of bikes with the Vitpilen and Svartpilen 401 and 701. The Swedes are not done tapping in the segment yet and we’re in for a treat: we could be getting a new, bigger engine soon and it looks amazing. 

If the Svartpilen 701 I had the chance to test for a few days is any indication, Husqvarna is as comfortable on the asphalt as it is in the dirt. The Svart is a real hoot, which makes me extra excited for what’s possibly coming up. 

It looks like Husqvarna is working on the development of a new twin-cylinder mill, likely a 901 according to our source. Not one but two test mules powered by the seemingly new engine were spotted making the rounds. Pictures of a new adventure model were snapped while a what could be a big Svartpilen was captured on film. 

While the pictures of the adventure model aren’t very clear, the video of what looks like the upsized Svartpilen in action clearly shows the dual exhaust exiting the top of the engine block, leading us to suppose that the manufacturer is working on a twin. This would open a new door for Husqvarna since the brand’s current lineup runs on different sizes of singles. The biggest block available at the moment at Husky’s is the 701 used in the Vitpilen, Svartpilen, and Enduro. 

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While I love everything about the idea of a bigger Svartpilen, the Adventure-looking model is particularly interesting. While KTM has a good selection of adventure and enduro models, Husqvarna’s selection in those segments is a little thin. 

The anonymous test mule has a square cowl reminiscent of 80s and 90s adventure bikes with what looks like two nooks ready to receive auxiliary lights. Other clues pointing to an adv include the skidplate that protects the underbelly, the muffler positioned high on the frame, and the wide handlebar complete with hand guards. The mule is also equipped with racks that look ready to receive a set of cases or panniers.

As for the Svart, that’s at least what our photographer suggests it is. When compared side by side with the 401 and 701, the test mule doesn’t seem to have a lot in common with the existing model. To be fair, it’s also pretty stripped, which makes it hard to identify at all. Considering Husqvarna already has a naked bike model to expand on, the Svartpilen is the most likely scenario. It’s definitely not a Vitpilen because of how high the handlebar is positioned. 

The Swedish brand mainly offers dirtbikes at the moment, with only the Vitpilen and Svartpilen lineups offered as its road-oriented models. The addition of a bigger displacement engine used in road bikes could potentially help Husqvarna gain momentum on the market. Who knows where else the new mill could take things! 

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