Sometimes a custom build is such a stunner you just need to stare at it a while to take it all in. This is one of those times. The Honda CB1000R seems to be a perfect blank slate for this build.

Stock, this motorcycle is a true standard with a bit of a bobbed tail. It has a 1000cc inline-4 engine like some of Honda’s sport bikes but is re-tuned and sits at a more upright, comfortable position.

When compared to a stock model, this custom bike is a bit less friendly overall, and that is what makes it such a looker. You may notice the dropped bars right away, and the added belly pan, but the very first thing anyone sees is the color scheme.

Let me give that one away: it’s not a wrap or a dip job. That is actually a custom paint job and it is amazing. Custom motorcycle shops out of Switzerland, Gannett Design and Fuhrer Moto, designed and built this machine together, and with it won the Custom CB1000R custom competition hosted by Honda Switzerland. The bike was displayed at the Swiss Motorcycle Show in Zurich.

CB1000R Custom 2
CB1000R Stock

The front of the bike is slightly different from stock; the build team repositioned the headlight and cafe windshield mounts. The stock forks have been replaced with a carbon fiber and ceramic creation which claims to lighten the front end by 75 percent.

Rotobox supplied the single-piece carbon fiber rims. The unusual tires are by Dunlop; these are Moto2 rain tires.

The stock tubular handlebar was binned and the bike now sports custom clipons mounted under the top triple, and with the aftermarket color-matched clutch and brake levers totally change the look of the front end of the bike. Instead of the stock upright riding position, these clipons get the rider hunched over the bike. That Akropovic exhaust lightens the back end, literally and aesthetically.

For more pictures of this incredible build, visit Pipeburn. The bike will be at various European motorcycle shows; if you see it there, send us more pictures!

Source Pipeburn, Honda

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