Aussie stunt rider Robbie Maddison has a a well-garnished resume of daring stunts of all genres. Over the course of the past 15 years, he has received a number of accolades in motocross and supercross, and even went on to complete a number of record-setting jumps. In 2015, he took things to the next level when he rode his specially-fitted motocross on the water. He repeated the exploit in 2017, setting a world record for the longest distance ridden on water. The modern-day Evel Knievel is now back at it and showed his skills off in Greece when he went for yet another ride in the waves.

In 2015, Maddison was filmed tackling his monster wave-riding stunt in Tahiti. In the short documentary entitled “Pipe Dream”, we get to follow the stuntman on his 20-mile journey out on the water in the saddle of his specially-prepared KTM 250SX.

RedBull has a knack for producing high-octane, high-adrenaline videos of the most daring athletes out there and it looks its teaming up with Maddison for Pipe Dream volume number 2. Witnesses recorded the RedBull team filming Maddison and American rider Aaron Colton showing off their skills on camera in Mykonos, Greece. While Colton can be seen balancing on the saddle of what looks like a Triumph Street Triple, Maddison follows and rides down a flight of stairs on his dirt bike.

The following sequence shows Maddison on his ski-equipped dirt bike hit the beach and ride off on the water in front of RedBull’s watchful camera. According to a local Greek media, the video will be meant to promote motocross  and give the popular vacation island some exposure. For the record, if you watch until the end, Maddison does drown his bike before reaching the shore. Oops!

Source: Greek Reporter

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