The MCR2 looks to be an electric minibike just as usable as its gas-powered competition.

Following up on last year's MCR, Taiwanese manufacturer Ottobike has already introduced a next-generation model, appropriately called the MCR2 at EICMA. This electric minibike improves on the original MCR's formula and transforms it into a usable everyday mini bike.

The MCR2 vastly improves on the original bike's range, increasing it from 62 kilometers (about 38 miles) to 220 kilometers (about 136 miles). This transforms the bike from a toy into a bike you can actually take more than a short distance from home. While this doesn't quite match the Honda Grom's claimed range of 194 miles (closer to about 160 in the real world according to Fuelly), it's still enough to get you out and about long enough between charges to get to work or just have some fun.

Power is also up slightly to either 8 or 10 kilowatts from the MCR's 7.5. Its top speed of 105 kilometers per hour (65 miles per hour) is imperceptibly faster than the MCR's top speed of 103 (64 mph). The MCR2 offers three drive modes: Eco, Comfort, and Sport. It also gets an upgrade to Brembo brakes front and rear.

Naturally, the MCR2 is full of tech. It offers a TFT display, an automatic headlight, and Google Maps for navigation. It also has a rear-view camera plus a camera for live streaming, something that should make YouTubers like Photogrommer happy for streaming stunting shenanigans.

Ottobike lists no release date on its website, but reports indicate that it will be out sometime next year. We're not sure if it will be available in the U.S. but it could provide a unique alternative in the ever-expanding minibike segment.

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