British lock manufacturer Squire knows how huge a problem motorcycle theft is in the U.K. That's why it has introduced the SS100, which Squire promises will be the strongest padlock you can get.

The SS100 is named not for the classic Jaguar but for its 100-millimeter (about four-inch) diameter, which is massive for a padlock. The largest padlock Squire currently offers is 80 millimeters (just over three inches). The SS100 is bulky and beefy, weighing in at a hefty 4.3 kilograms or nine and a half pounds. You could incorporate this lock into your daily workouts by hefting it around.

The advantage of a padlock this huge in an age where smaller seems to be better is how difficult it is for would-be thieves to bust it. The SS100 has a closed shackle design with a boron steel shackle that's extremely difficult to cut. Size matters in locks because the more metal there is to cut, the longer a theft attempt will take. Squire is counting on portable metal cutters and angle grinders running out of battery before they can get through this lock. Also, the longer a lock takes to defeat, the better chance there is that the thief will get noticed and someone will call the rozzers on them.

The SS100 also comes with a 1.5 meter (about five foot) chain with hardened alloy links nearly an inch big as a further deterrent. It seems easier to cut the chain than the lock, but thick hardened steel still isn't exactly easy. Who knows how many cutting disks a thief will go through trying.

With its size and bulk, the SS100 and its chain will be difficult to carry with you, especially if you don't have a cavernous storage capacity as I do. But for a solution at a home or office where you park regularly, the SS100 looks like a great solution.


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