Range anxiety remains one of the main roadblocks to the expansion of the electric vehicles industry. Thankfully, the creative teams at the automotive and motorcycle manufacturers are coming up with ways to make zero emission vehicles more attractive. For e-bikes, the swappable battery has become an attractive option to consider. Honda has already been working on battery and swapping station concepts. It’s now Yamaha’s turn jump on the train and it won’t be doing it alone.

Scooting around

In fact, the Japanese giant is teaming up with Taiwan-based successful e-scooter manufacturer Gogoro to build e-bikes with swappable battery technology. Gogoro is well established in the electric moped industry thanks to its lineup of smart e-scooters. They’re cute, stylish, colorful, even a little gimmicky, and it’s working.

Yamaha’s incursion into the realm of the electric vehicle has been so far limited to electric bicycles, but that’s about to change. Both companies will join forces and combine their respective strengths to come up with new electric scooter models. Yamaha has the manufacturing know-how, the engineering and design teams, as well as the marketing capability. As for Gogoro, it brings its swappable battery and charging stations technologies to the table.

The company already has a network of 750 battery swap stations in the Taiwan area which has allowed Gogoro scooters owners to simply swap batteries rather than have to continually charge at home or at work.

The joint venture should allow the two manufacturers to come up with a solid and viable plan that will not only boost the number of stations around the world, but also develop the swappable battery technology even further.

Source: electrek

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