There's a new Yamaha in town and it doesn't have an engine

Urban mobility is an increasing concern for OEMs. From ride and vehicle-sharing programs to smarter onboard technologies, there's no ambition too small to help make the roads a better place. Some manufacturers are even jumping in the electric bicycles race. Yamaha, the company that claims to have invented the electric bicycle in 1993 with the power assist bicycle, is now offering a whole slate of new e-bikes to fit every lifestyle.

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There are currently four Yamaha e-bike models available. The CrossCore is a performance hybrid road bicycle with a triangular frame and flat handlebar. The CrossConnect is fitted with a rack at the back to load up the goods without having bags hanging off the handlebar. The UrbanRush is the perfect urbanite with the drop bar and slim tires to weave your way through town. Finally, YDX Torc is the rugged-looking mountaineer with thick tires, ready to take on the dirt tracks.

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All four models are fitted with a PW series drive unit teamed with a 500 Wh Lithium-ion battery. While the three city-focused models receive the PWSeries SE electric motor, the off-road model gets its own PW-X motor, a lighter unit with an extra level of assist. These assist settings allow the rider to choose the level of input from the motor, from energy saving to full power. Because they are part-electric vehicle, Yamaha's e-bikes also have an integrated rear hub speed sensor.

The Yamaha YDX Torc gets you up the hill in no time. Maximum power!

An LCD display shows the speed, the miles traveled as well as the charge left in the battery. The battery can be left on the bike or carried inside for charging with the help of Yamaha's fast charger. You will get a full charge in the span of four hours using a standard outlet.

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Don't forget that this is a bicycle, not a scooter: there's no throttle, so you're not off the hook from pedaling because of the electric motor. You are still expected to put in the effort for the system to work. Pricing starts at $2,399 for the Crosscore and goes up to $3,499 for the YDX Torc.

Source: Motorcyclist Online, Yamaha Bicycles


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