Unfortunately for these criminal masterminds, their aquatic caper went belly up

Two Ohioans are in hot water today after allegedly stealing an aquarium from a local pet store then fleeing the scene with the goods on a motorcycle. How does something like this even happen? Who steals a huge aquarium and uses a bike as a getaway vehicle? I’m trying to imagine the conversation:

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“Hey Mitch.“

“Yah, Chris?”

“Let just grab that aquarium and run. I’ve got a motorcycle out front.”

“Great idea, dude. See you out there.”

Because what could be in the least bit conspicuous or potentially unsuccessful about carrying a massive, heavy, unsecured glass box on the back of a motorbike?

According to Cleveland's WEWS, this is exactly what happened in Niles, Ohio on July 23rd, 2018. Apparently two middle-aged men robbed the local Petsmart and made off with a fish tank. Unfortunately, the pair caught the attention of a member of the city’s police force who, thinking something was fishy, decided to follow the unusual sight.

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Being trailed made the guy holding the aquarium on the pillion, one Mitchell Adkin, extremely nervous (and maybe his arms were tired?). Adkin bailed out, dropped the tank (which immediately shattered), and tried to leg it. Unfortunately for him Niles Police caught him almost immediately. That's not where this story ends, though. Not by a long shot.

The driver, Christopher M. Binion, sped off in an attempt to escape capture. He apparently dumped the bike behind a Chinese restaurant and hid out in a nearby back yard. When the cops came upon the clearly nervous Binion, he pretended to be a gardener—a gardner with no tools, mind you—by fooling around with the leaves on a convenient tree. NPD wasn't buying it and officers took him into custody.

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Both are in custody facing charges of theft, and the driver also faces several traffic-related charges and “failure to comply” (fleeing and eluding).

Truth is always stranger than fiction.

Source: WEWS

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