KTM introduces ABS cornering and launch control worthy of the pros

We’d all rather be on the better side of sharp point. In the case of KTM that's on the seat of the 2018 790 Duke, the 105hp, 4-stroke, parallel twin masterpiece which the company has dubbed ‘The Scalpel’. All that power and torque isn’t even why we’re here today. No, we're here to talk about the precision cornering and braking thanks to The Duke's cornering ABS and launch control technology.

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On the new Duke, KTM offers a level of electronics that was traditionally available only on the superbikes of the stars. When you brake in a corner, the inertial measurement unit (IMU) works together with the anti-lock braking systems to calculate the optimal braking pressure to prevent the tire from slipping, or to recover as quickly as possible if the bike starts to lose traction.

"The horizontal axis is the front wheel’s grip with the vertical acceleration and deceleration," said Gerald Maschl, KTM's VP for Research and Development. "Around these axes is a circle and as long as you remain within it, you are safe.”

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This is exactly what KTM’s algorithms will ensure: that rider error and road conditions can be corrected by computer. The best part? No need to understand how it all works, just use the brakes and the bike will stop. Quickly and safely. If the rider panics and grabs too much front brake in a corner? The brakes will pulse and the bike will move into a vertical position to stop.

Wait, there’s more…

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Excited to accelerate? There’s a cure for that accidental wheelie as well. This time it’s the wheel sensors that step up and respond if there is a differential between the front and rear wheel speeds. You might still be able to catch a little bit of air, but as soon as the IMU processes that the front tire is up it’ll send a message to the throttle to power down.

There are riders who might accuse these Rider Assists of being killjoys, but KTM is making it possible for you to push your riding to the limit while knowing that the bike has you covered.

Source: KTM, MCN

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