The engines Honda will supply to the 250GP-replacing Moto2 class will be based on that of the current CBR600RR. Despite their humble basis, the motors will produce over 150bhp and will be capped to a 16,500rpm redline. Honda has apparently been developing this engine for over two years, we'd guess since it first informed Dorna that it should replace two-strokes with four-stroke inline-fours.
Dorna will purchase each engine from Honda, then sell them on to the individual teams. The idea there is that Honda won't know which team is getting which engine, so can't drop a few bolts in the cylinders or something.

The engines will use a wet clutch, strangely won't use a cassette gearbox, come with a spec ECU and airbox and have a service life of at least 2000km. That last thing means that teams will only need three engines per bike, per season notwithstanding accidents. Noise levels will be capped at 115dB.

Dorna is even in talks with Repsol to discuss the Spanish oil company providing a spec fuel and there's rumor of a MotoGP-like single tire maker.

The cutoff for teams to register for the 2010 Moto2 season is this Friday. In the near future all participating teams will receive CAD drawings of the engines so they can develop their own chassis around it. Honestly, every time we hear something new about Moto2 we just get more depressed.

via MotoGP Matters

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