Due to be released at EICMA this week, the new Ducati 1199 Panigale has leaked. Check out the gallery for the first clear shots of the 195bhp, 395lbs (wet) v-twin. We've already covered the 1199 extensively, but these shots do reveal a few new things. DES (Ducati Electronic Suspension) is clearly visible on both the front Öhlins NIX30 forks and rear TTX-36 shock of the S model. This will be the first sportsbike ever offered with electronically adjustable suspension. Awesome. Less exciting, but still interesting are the barely-there split three spoke wheels. EU pricing is €17,990 for the base model and €22,990 for the S. Translated into American prices, the base model will not have any price increase over the 1198 and the S will be slightly more expensive than its 1198 counterpart. There's also a Corse version, pictured here in Italian Tricolore, it appears to be wearing a fancy exhaust too.

Update: more, clearer photos.

What you're looking at is the future. Electronic adjusters sit atop high-end Ohlins forks. That high-def LCD dash makes its data pop with white numerals on a black background and red ancillary displays. That steering head is adjustable.

Check out the high-res version of that top shot in the gallery and here’s a list of things you’ll see:

- A frameless design with the rear cylinder supporting the subframe/tail.

- A tail unit that looks a lot like the 1198’s from the front and a lot like an RSV4’s from the side.

- A tank shape that mimics the Diavel’s.

- A horizontally-oriented side-mount shock with a leg protector, electronic adjusters and a goofy remote reservoir actuating a unique linkage that pivots on a tiny swingarm pivot plate.

- What looks to be a front subframe/airbox made from aluminum.

- LED headlights.

- A unique new take on the Brembo Monoblock radial caliper.

- Exhausts that neatly fill the gap between fairing and rear wheel, providing an aerodynamic benefit.

Ducati 1199 leaks ahead of EICMA
Headlight shapes reference the 916 without resorting to repetition. That long LED position light strip is really going to make the 1199 stand out on the road, until absolutely everyone copies it two years from now.

Spending up from the "base" 1199 to the S appears to net you that NIX30/TTX36 combo which works with that fancy electronically adjustable suspension which, in turn, works in concert with adjustable driving modes when you switch riding modes (ie road to track). The user will also be able to create their own modes, spanning everything from engine map to traction control to suspension settings. Performance-oriented ABS appears to be optional.

In addition to that neat-o titanium exhaust, the Corse model gains the most sophisticated data acquisition system yet. Lap Times, deep-level engine performance read outs, TC acquation etc will be gathered by a USB stick which will work on either Mac or PC.

Head over to our 1199 tag page to read more. Interested in all the other British, Austrian, Italian, Japanese and American bikes debuting this week at the EICMA show? We'll be covering all of them right here.

Sources: Ducati.ms and AcidMoto.ch, Moto et Motards

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