Look at the advantages and limitations of current electric motorcycle technology and you’re left with products that, while neat and functional, can’t form an only-bike solution for today’s street consumer. But, there is one specific audience that could benefit enormously from advantages like near-silent operation and the positive image of emitting zero pollutants while not finding the limitations, well, limiting: urban and suburban police forces. Enter the ATK-LE, electric street and dirt bikes specifically tailored to the needs of law enforcement.

While bikes with a top speed of 75mph and a 100-mile range won’t be ideal for highway patrol duties, they’d be far better than even a Concours 14, R1200RTP or even the crappy little scooters the NYPD rides for in-town traffic enforcement and patrol. Possessing the footprint of a mountain bike and the performance of a motocrosser, these electric bikes could also be perfect for crowd control, where they’d project a positive, friendly image while enabling officers to run down pretty much anyone or anything on tight streets or off-road. We hate to think of the potential misuse that allegedly quota-focussed, potentially constitution-violating departments like New York’s 81st precinct could use this for, but the stealth-like ability of electric bikes could also be a major selling point.

Based in Utah, ATK is also an American manufacturer, a key requirement for the fleet purchases of many departments.

Understanding the market, ATK also plans to integrate the kind of gadgets that today’s police officers need: GPS, true-image mirrors, LED light bars, sirens, on-board cameras and audio recorders, integrated storage and even a 12v accessories plug.

Below, you’ll find a video of ATK’s electric prototype in action and you’ll find specs and much more at Plugbike.


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