On Friday, we exclusively brought you the first photos and details of the EBR 1190 Typhon, a concept built by Pegasus, the largest Buell race team in the world. Today, we’re exclusively bringing you a high-res professional photo shoot of the bike, plus a few more details on how you can ride something similar.

Winning the European Sound of Thunder championship with an EBR 1190RR-B, Germany’s Pegasus Race Team has more experience with that bike than anyone else in the world. That experience led them to link up with Gruner Engineering to explore what something in the vein of a Firebolt or CR based on the 1190 could look and work like. Erik Buell assisted in the Typhon’s development, but this is not an EBR product.

The EBR 1190RR that the Typhon is based on is Erik Buell Racing’s flagship superbike racer. Derived from the 1125R, this 1190cc v-twin puts out 185hp at the rear wheel and 93lb/ft of torque. It’s incredibly light too, weighing just 163kg/360lbs (dry). Watching Pegasus win the last Sound of Thunder race of the 2010 season at Oschersleben, their 1190RR would initially lose ground to bikes like the BMW S1000RR out of the last corner as it struggled to keep its front wheel on the ground, but the EBR had so much power that it would still be passing the BMWs before that straight’s braking zone. Perfect basis for a naked bike then.

The team put most of its work into devising a neatly integrated solution to house the two radiators, oil-cooler, vortex generators and ram-air intake. As you can see in this photo, the ram-air intake is tucked under the triple clamp and above the gap in the radiators left to allow the wheel clearance when the forks are fully compressed. Pegasus’s efforts to make the Typhon as aerodynamic as possible can also be seen in the front fender, which extends all the way to the bottom of the fork legs like on a Moto2 bike. Pegasus’s Heiko Jessat and Jens Krüper designed all this from scratch in just four weeks using a CAD program.


Pegasus is also proud of the MotoGadget clocks, which you can see in this video,

They Typhon monicker comes from the name of an immortal storm giant in Greek mythology. Typhon was the mythological source of devastating storm winds. Since past Buell’s were called things like Lightning and Thunderbolt, naming this bike after a storm giant nicely illustrates the evolution from air-cooled Harley motors to an almost unbelievably powerful, hand-assembled v-twin. When you hear the bike at full throttle, it sounds just like some ancient, and very angry, monster.

Photos: Erik Buell Racing 1190 Typhon

Want to own a Typhon? Well, there’s good and bad news. The good news is that Pegasus hopes to sell kits to convert 1125R and CRs into something similar with new radiators, oil-coolers, clocks and covers, as seen here. The bad news is that Pegasus isn’t a vehicle manufacturer, so has no plans to put anything like the total package into production.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens after the EBR 1190RS goes on-sale this winter.

Pegasus Race Team

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