The bike you see here is not an official product of Erik Buell Racing, but instead a concept created by the largest Buell race team in the world. Based on one of their EBR 1190RR-B racebikes, Pegasus Race Team wanted to explore what a naked version of the 185rwhp v-twin superbike could look and function like. Think of this as America’s Tuono, via Germany. The EBR 1190 Typhon is exclusive to Hell For Leather.

While I was visiting Pegasus at Biketoberfest Oschersleben and interviewing Erik Buell, one of the team’s members, Heiko Jessat, approached the team’s owner, Thomas Wanner, with an idea. Thinking that running a volunteer race team, winning the European Sound of Thunder championship and continuing the development of EBR race bikes wasn’t enough, Thomas gave the idea the go ahead and the bike you see here was assembled for the Essen Motor Show, which starts today.

“The idea with the Typhon is to combine new aerodynamic solutions like the Moto2-style covered lower fork legs and the air splitters on the upper frame edge with traditional EBR design elements,” explains Pegasus’s Jens Krüper. “One of the big challenges with the original bike’s layout is that there’s not much space between the front wheel and the engine when the forks are fully compressed. So this was one of the first focuses, working out a proper solution to nicely integrate the radiators, oil-cooler and ram air intakes.”

You can see the result of the team’s work in the neat integration of the cooling elements and splitters in an Aprilia Tuono-style cowling at the front of the bike. Note how the two radiators leave a gap in the middle to allow room for the front wheel under full compression. You can also see the ram air intake in white peaking out from under the triple clamp. Pegasus has more experience with the 1190RR than anyone else in the world and the knowledge they’ve gained can be seen in solutions like this. All the new parts, including the headlights, were made using a rapid prototype process. The parts were designed in CAD then brought to life by a 3D printer.

Erik Buell Racing 1190 Typhon: a naked 1190RR

The rest of the 1190RR lends itself surprisingly well to becoming an attractive naked. Check out the skeletal rear subframe, the AST shock and traditional EBR engineering solutions like the fuel-in-frame and Zero Torsional Load front brake. The EBR 1190RR is the company’s flagship superbike racer. Its 1190cc Rotax v-twin puts out 185hp at the rear wheel at 11,500rpm and 93lb/ft at 9,500rpm. That engine is converted by hand at EBR from stock 1125 motors and the whole $44,900 bike weighs just 163kg/360lbs (dry). The 1190RR is forming the basis for the street-legal EBR 1190RS that will go on-sale this winter. This is, to the best of our knowledge, the first 1190RR to ever be modified. Erik assisted in the Typhon’s development.

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