The fifth annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering on May 4th saw the world premier of AVA Velocity Works 250 Swift – a retro motorcycle inspired by the Grand Prix and Café Racers of the 1960’s.

Photos: Anne Watson

AVA brought three examples of the 250 Swift to put on show at Carmel, CA, last weekend to gauge customers’ reaction.

Inspired by '60s Grand Prix racers

AVA Designer Adrian Van Anz – the man behind the Derringer Cycles 1920’s-style bicycle moped launched a couple of years back – wanted to recreate a motorcycle reminiscent of sport bikes from the 1960’s and 1970’s. His LA based company sourced the frame and engine from China’s Locin company and now plans to go in full production with the 250 Swift motorcycle this summer.

Inspired by '60s Grand Prix racers

“I have always loved early ‘60s Grand Prix-style racing bikes,” said Van Anz. “I liked the aesthetics of the entire sport back then.”

The 250 Swift has a 250cc Loncin four-stroke engine, carburetor, electric and kickstart and a five-speed transmission and weighs in at 198lbs.

“It’s a little sports racing bike that is street legal,” added Van Anz. “And because it weighs so little I can literally pick it up and turn it around in my garage.”

Inspired by '60s Grand Prix racers

Owners will be able to choose a broad range of accessories from Café Racer styled seats, paint finishes and wheels.

“We felt there was a real market out there with younger riders that didn’t want a moped but needed the versatility of a small motorcycle that looked good and rode well,” explained AVA’s Brian Dietz.

The 250 Swift goes on sale this summer with prices expected to be around $4,000.

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