Remember when you first saw the Ducati Scrambler and said to yourself, "You know, Self, while I'm not sure I'd ever buy a bike clearly aimed at the Hipster Rider demographic…mmmmmm…. I think I want one!" Well, you're gonna want to sit down for this. Yamaha just introduced the XSR700, and DAMN.

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Yamaha Introduces The XSR700, and It's Awesome



Right? Drawing from Shinya Kimura's Faster Sons concept bike, with a hat tip to your dad's XS650, the XSR700 is about as good an answer to the Ducati Scrambler as one can get. The bike is a variant of the critically and commercially lauded FZ-07; it's powered by the Fizz's parallel twin 689cc engine, which Yamaha says will produce just under 74 horsepower at 9,000 RPM. A seat height of 32.1 inches and ABS will make the bike accessible to newer riders; the bike's brass-tacks design keeps things simple. Here's your gauge, with all the info you need in one smartly engineered circle:

Yamaha Introduces The XSR700, and It's Awesome

The bike's simplicity extends to the color schemes: Yamaha is only offering two. You've seen the Forest Green; the other option is Garage Metal, and it's almost as cool:

Yamaha Introduces The XSR700, and It's Awesome
This view gives you a much better look at the two-tone leather seat. Yamaha will also be offering a bunch of XSR700 accessories, including a high-mount exhaust (for those who want to go full Scrambler) and heritage-styled tank, tool, and sidebags (for those who want to venture past their local coffee shop).

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If I sound like I'm enamored with this bike, it's because I am; I could very easily see myself on this awesome little roadster. And as a marketing guy in real life, I can't help but be impressed with Yamaha's long game here. We know that they've been dipping their toes in the Retro pool for a few years now, with both custom efforts like the Faster Sons bike and their Yard Built bikes. Last year's XJR1300 was an intriguing bike, but its 1251cc engine keeps it out of the reach of a large segment of potential buyers. That Yamaha was able to put the XSR700 into play so soon after seeing the Ducati Scrambler's strong sales shows a remarkable amount of prescience ( was pretty much a given that the Scrambler would do well). The projected MSRP - which should be around $7,000, considering what the FZ-07 goes for - will make this bike the Scrambler's chief competition. We can't wait to get our hands on one.

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