Available in Europe for three years now, the BMW C Evolution electric scooter is about to make its US debut. Using the same 94-Ah batteries as the BMW i3 city car, the scooter is rated at 48 horsepower and 53 pound feet of torque, with a top speed of 80 mph. The C Evo weighs just over 600 pounds and costs $13,750. Only the long-range version will be available in the US.

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Range is expected to be about 100 miles, and an 80 percent recharge will take almost eight hours. A full charge on a 110-volt outlet will run about nine hours, or around 4 hours on a 220-volt outlet. The battery carries a five-year or 30,000-mile warranty.

BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Comes to US

The C Evolution features an inverted fork, adjustable rear shock absorber, dual disc brakes in front and a single disc at the rear. Anti-lock braking is standard. Accessories include heated grips, comfort seat, and an alarm system.

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BMW is rolling out the C Evolution initially as part of a U.S. pilot program and, the scooter will only be available in California at the time of launch. As interest in the C evolution builds, BMW Motorrad USA will expand this product offering to BMW Motorrad retailers in other states. As the world’s first electrically powered premium large scooter, the C evolution presents BMW Motorrad’s first step toward alternative drivetrains, and reinforces the BMW Group’s commitment to sustainability.

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Standard Features and Specifications

Three 115-150 V, 94 Ah lithium ion battery modules from the BMW i3: 12 battery cells per module

Energy conservation when coasting or braking

Rated peak output = 48 hp / Max speed = 80 mph

53 lb-ft of immediate torque. 0-31 mph in 2.8 sec

Standard ABS, Torque Control Assist (TCA), Reverse Assist, and 4 Ride Modes (Road, Eco Pro, Dynamic, and Sail)

On-Board Computer and large Multifunction TFT display w/ detailed range and charge information

5-year, 30,000-mile battery warranty

30.1” seat height

Standard charging cable (charges in 9 ½ hours with 110 V socket)

Fast-charge 220 V accessory cable takes 4 hours

Upside-down fork; adjustable rear pre-load

Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission (CVT)

Stepless Power Adjustable Windshield with Wind Guide Vanes

Illuminated Storage Compartment

Side stand that activates parking-brake + center stand

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