Phoenix-based start-up Phat Scooters launches two e-scoot models

If it's a day ending in "Y" that means somewhere around the world another start-up company is building electric scooters or motorcycles.

Phoenix-based Phat Scooters, is the most recent electric-moto start-up to throw its hat in the ring with a scooter reportedly capable of traversing up to 50 miles on a single charge. These new gas-free two-wheelers have a top speed of 20 mph and seemingly fall into a legal grey area that enables them to legally be ridden in the bicycle lane, not unlike Monday Motorbikes' electric M1 Moped. The Phat Scooters are powered by a 1,200-watt motor reportedly capable of handling most surfaces and climbing hills with a maximum incline of 30 degrees. The company's own electric ABS disc brakes offer reliable stopping power while making the machines safer for new riders who might otherwise lock up a front wheel when braking.

Quirky Electric Scooter Rolls on 'Phat' Wheels

The first thing you notice on this scooter is the width of its tires, which is obviously the origin of the company’s moniker. Touted as “the modern scooter,” this two wheeler has been designed to allow its owners to customize their wide-tired scoot with accessories like cupholders and baskets, as well as the option to add a “custom print” to the machine’s fenders and deck (which boasts 6 inches of ground clearance). These electric scooters are available in two models: The PHATTY Original and The PHATTY Sport.

The Sport is “designed for smaller riders” in addition to weighing 20 pounds less than its heftier sibling. Both models feature three different riding modes: Bike Mode (20 mph); Golf Mode? (3 mph)  (Really?!) and Beach Mode (8 mph), the fact a surfboard rack is an available accessory makes the Beach Mode slightly more practical, albeit for a very niche and specific market.

Quirky Electric Scooter Rolls on 'Phat' Wheels

The wide tires are accompanied by an LED headlight and some stylish handlebars. Thirty different color combinations are available, though I’m not sure what exactly that means, and a center stand keeps the scoot safely upright while not being ridden. Shipping starts in early July and pre-orders are currently being taken; the use of coupon/promo-code “PREORDER500” enables buyers can get US $500 off and free shipping with the offer ending on June 30. Both e-scoots have a price of $1,999, with custom fenders costing an additional $250 and custom decks setting you back another $150. For more info visit the Phat Scooter website.

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