We’re extremely excited to announce that Hell For Leather has been acquired by RideApart Inc. The result of months of hard work, the acquisition will see HFL grow and diversify its coverage of the motorcycle world, even as RideApart prepares to launch a powerful new consumer portal in the space.

“It’s time for the motorcycle industry to reach a new, younger audience,” commented RideApart Founder and CEO Jon Alain Guzik. “Hell for Leather has successfully captured hundreds of thousands of passionate young riders, now RideApart will grow that audience, even while empowering them with tools drawn from from the mainstream consumer and automotive worlds.”

Grant and I launched HFL back in late 2007 with little more than a gut feeling that motorcycle media needed disruption. Something I think we achieved through creativity, original content, honest journalism and a tireless work ethic. The acquisition, achieved at a time when even mainstream media outlets are struggling, validates that approach. I’ll be carrying HFL forward as RideApart’s Co-Founder and Vice President, Grant’s taking the opportunity to pursue other interests.

And you can let your breath out now, HFL will continue to exist as a breaking news/up-to-the-minute feature/editorial property under RideApart’s umbrella. It’ll get bigger and better in the process, while remaining the voice of the young enthusiast.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as we’ve enjoyed making HFL. RideApart launches this fall.

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