Is there any tougher test for a dirt bike than the granite quarry in Erzberg, Austria? Typically the home of that hardest of hard enduros, KTM recently took a few Freeride E prototypes there for testing. Is the electric enduro finally nearing production?

Back in 2011, Alan Cathcart reported that KTM planned to get the Freeride E program rolling by first producing a run of 500 bikes, travelling those around various countries in order to evaluate the responses and experiences of a wide range of riders.

"We plan to learn as much as we can from this, because we don’t want to have a new technology that creates problems for the customers, but to develop it properly under all conditions," KTM CEO Harald Ploeckinger told Cathcart. "And then towards the end of next year we will start production of the Freeride E."

While it appears that the timeline laid out there is a little delayed, these videos indicate that the KTM pre-production evaluation program is now underway.

Back in 2011, specs were 30bhp (peak), 31lb/ft of torque, 2.1kWh of battery and 205lbs, numbers that put it well behind the Zero MX even then, not to mention other, future electrics like BRD Redshift. Hopefully, when the bike does eventually go on-sale, all the above are improved. KTM also stated it was targeting a sub-10,000 Euro price point, making the Freeride E price comparable with its four-stroke enduro range.

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