If you’re so ready to race that you practically bleed orange, then KTM’s 2020 PowerWear collection is made just for you. The Austrian company just released its new catalogue, and it’s full of gear that will help you ride orange every single day you hop aboard your KTM of choice. From track day leathers to rain gear, there are plenty of options here to suit you up for all kinds of moto conditions, from head to toe. 

Like other branded safety gear, KTM wisely teamed up with some of the best companies in the business to bring high quality and safety standards to its PowerWear line. This includes the likes of Shoei, Schuberth, Airohand Alpinestars, to name a few. Some leather options come in your choice of cow or kangaroo leather, as well.  

As far as design goes, although most of the gear does involve a lot of orange accents, KTM steered away from making you look like you’re wearing a safety vest at all times. More power to you if you rock a safety vest on the regular, but you should know that’s not what KTM is selling here. While signature KTM orange accents are present in most pieces of this collection, dominant colors are blacks, grays, and even some tan shades on some of the more adventure and touring-oriented gear.  

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Available SAS-TEC and Nucleon armor rounds out the 2020 PowerWear collection, and fits neatly into place to protect you no matter where and how you’re riding today. Incidentally, for anyone wearing PowerWear prior to 2020, the SAS-TEC armor in this catalog will fit KTM gear all the way back to 2017 if you’re looking for replacements. 

To cap it all off, there's a selection of technical undersuits, undershirts, underpants, socks, and even a sweathead absorbent cap all made for KTM by SIXS. Rain gear with taped seams that promises both breathability and weatherfastness also comes in your favorite KTM colors, as well. It’s a pretty well-rounded and functional collection overall.  

There’s no official word on pricing or availability, and if you go to KTM’s website to examine the PowerWear more closely, your only option is the rather unhelpful “Add to Wishlist” button that answers approximately zero questions you might have. If you’re interested in any specific gear, your best bet would be to reach out to your local KTM dealer to ask. 

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