Perusing Reddit on Valentine's Day (you know, to pick up chicks), we came across a touching story about one boy and his bike. The two obviously shared a...special relationship, so we reached out to Serge to learn more.

Love at first ride
Dinner for two.

How long have the two of you been together?

"Well we met on this dating site, Craigslist, but at the time she was with another man. I knew I had to have her so one freezing night in the end of November I jumped into the car and drove all the way from NYC to Syracuse to take her away. Without hesitation she came into my arms and I ended up RIDING HER ALL THE WAY HOME… pun intended. Since then, it has been almost three months and we couldn’t be happier!"

Love at first ride
Serge having a tender moment with his lady.

When did you know you loved her?

"Without a doubt in my mind, it was love at first sight"


What’s the secret to a long lasting relationship?

"Brace yourselves! The secret to a long lasting relationship is quite simple. All you need is some TLC or tender loving care and a little SPICE in the relationship. The first aspect, TLC, is necessary for any relationship. You must take care of your woman and she will take care of you. Spicing things up however, is crucial for a long lasting and exciting relationship. If on occasion she doesn’t try to kill you or give you a hard time (metaphorically speaking of course) then the spark can be lost and interest will fade. The spark is essential and is the driving force of the relationship."

Love at first ride
A trip to the pier.

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