California Scooter Co announces electric motorcycle for just $2k

The terms "affordable" and "motorcycles" don't often go hand in hand, especially when "electric" is thrown into the mix. Sure, foreign brands have managed to come up with accessible options, but the prices are subject to an increase once the product crosses our borders, so we're back to square one. Thankfully, companies such as California Scooter Company (CSC) Motorcycles are giving us ridiculously low-priced motorcycles we can all appreciate. The latest addition to their lineup is an electric model and it will cost you under $2k.

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CSC has built a reputation for selling extremely affordable motorcycles with a price range hovering between $1,995 and $4,995 for their small adventure model. The bikes are built by Chinese giant Zongshen using CSC's standards for assembly. Until now, three models were available under the CSC brand: RX3 Adventure, SG250 San Gabriel, and TT250. A new member has now been added to the family; the City Slicker is CSC's brand-new competitor on the electric motorcycle market.

The naked model is reminiscent of a Kawasaki Z900 with a narrow silhouette and a slightly wider wheelbase that gives the bike a squished appearance. It receives a 72V battery hooked to a nonhub motor. The model weighs in at just 216 pounds. Its top speed is rated at 47.5 miles per hour and the range is expected to hover between 37 and 62 miles, depending on the cruising speed.

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A full charge will take you between 6 and 8 hours on a standard 110V power outlet. The "gas tank" has been replaced by a convenient storage compartment. The tool cluster displays the usual information including odometer and speedometer, as well as motor temperature and battery status. The City Slicker has two drive modes that help manage the electric engine output, as well as a reverse mode—not that backing-up is much of an issue on such a lightweight bike.

“We worked closely with Zongshen to tailor this extremely affordable, high-quality motorcycle to US expectations. The build quality is world class, and the bike is just plain fun to ride," said Steve Seidner CSC's Chief Executive Officer.

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People hoping to get their hands on a CSC City Slicker once it's up for grabs in September 2018 will have to pay a $500 deposit upfront. The early birds will receive the motorcycle at the promotional launch price of $1,995, a price that will then settle at $2,495 after the initial shipment.


Source: CSC Motorcycles


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