Let's face it, as saturated as youtube is, we all love crash compilations. Combine that with epically amazing coverage of the Red Bull Hard Enduro Series at Hell's Gate and you have a bone tingling, awe inspiring crash compilation that makes you want to traverse a rocky mountainside just to wreck your bike... Well not really, but you get the point.

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The grueling dirt bike race takes place in some of the world's harshest environments and is infamous for being one of the hardest moto races one can ride – if they can endure. The physical and mental strength it takes to conquer these conditions and terrain can move mountains. These riders are the very definition of fearlessness and perseverance – crashing only means one thing and that is to get back up. Watch the video below for a taste of some of the wildest crashes that took place.

This is insanity at its best and we can't wait for all the coverage of the 2015 series. Want to know a little more about Hard Enduro? Watch the clip below.

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Are you looking up to see when the next event yet? We did and unless you live in Europe or can plan a weekend getaway, you won't be able to spectate the event in the flesh. However, you can watch the recaps on the Red Bull YouTube page.

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Retro Crash Compilation: a Peak of What the Red Bull Hard Enduro 2015 Has in Store
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