We recently posted a positive review of the Nexx XD1 Dual Sport helmet here on RideApart, and noticed that there is a very similar looking helmet available from Touratech called the Aventuro. Could the helmets from Nexx and the Touratech be the same products with different branding? We did some investigating are here are the facts:

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It turns out that the answer to the question is yes and no. The Touratech Aventuro was designed in partnership with the Portuguese Helmet Manufacturer Nexx, who also manufactures both the XD1 and the Aventuro. While both of the helmets share some identical design elements and features, there are a number key differences such as:


The first thing that stood out to us was the big price difference between the Nexx XD1 and the Touratech Aventuro. The Nexx XD1 solid color helmet versions sell for $449.95, while the Touratech Aventuro Solid Color helmet variants sell for $649.00.

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The Nexx XD1 Graphic color offering sells for $499.95, while Touratech's Aventuro Graphic color options sell for $699.00. Whether you like a solid color or graphic lid, The Touratech version is $200.00 more expensive. What could account for the cost differential?

Key Differences

  • The Nexx XD1 has an internal sun visor, the Touratech Aventuro does not.
  • The XD1 has a dedicated intercom housing for the Nexx X-Com communicator, whereas the Aventuro doesn't.
  • The Aventuro helmet has a goggle strap holder mounted on the back while the XD1 does not.
  • The Touratech shell is made from 100% carbon fiber, whereas the XD1's has Nexx's X-Matrix shell, a blended composite material made from multiaxial fiberglass, organic 3D fibers in Aramid reinforcements, and carbon fiber.

Is the Nexx XD1 the Same Helmet as the Touratech Aventuro? But Cheaper?

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The shell material differences between the two helmets accounts for a significant weight difference of 150 grams. The Touratech version weighs-in at 1350 grams in its off-road configuration, while the Nexx helmet weighs 1500 grams.

From a marketing point of view, the Nexx is aimed at a wider spectrum of riders, while the Touratech helmet is meant to reach more hardcore adventure riders.

While we love the Nexx XD1 here at RideApart, we have not (to date) reviewed Touratech's Aventuro, so we cannot definitively say if 150 grams and a $200.00 price difference make one better than the other.

Is the Nexx XD1 the Same Helmet as the Touratech Aventuro? But Cheaper?
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