In March of this year, NEXXPro, the Portuguese parent company of Nexx Helmet established a permanent distribution office in Los Angeles.  Operating as Nexx North America Corp., that office handles distribution of helmets and accessories, technical and customer support for the United States and Canada.  The launch of the new for 2015 helmet product line coincided with the opening of the new North American operations.

At the top of the line for NEXX Helmet is its multi-task oriented XD1 Voyager dual-sport full-face helmet.  Carrying ECE/22-05, DOT and NBR-7471:2001 approvals, the helmet features NEXX’s X-MATRIX (multiaxial fiberglass, 3D organic fibers, special aramid fibers and carbon reinforcement) shell, removable CoolMax fabric comfort liner and ERGO padding system for fit adjustment.

NEXX XD1 Voyager Helmet – For When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

The XD1 includes emergency quick release tabs on the cheek pads to allow first responders to simply pull the cheek pads down and out of the helmet to make the helmet removal easier and safer in the event of an emergency.  These are a great safety feature, but on one occasion, in taking the helmet off, the snug fit around the base caused the connectors to release from the cheek pieces, so the cheek pads were loose.  They won’t fall out if this happens because the chin strap holds them in place.  This only happened on one occasion and was actually a handy chance to get familiar with the cheek pad attachment system.  It proved not a problem because the system allows for rapid reattachment.

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When the pads come out, they leave the plastic attachment pins in place in the helmet.  These have a wide cap that simply slides into the plastic base for each pin in the cheek pad.  To reinstall the cheek pad, simply pull the attachment pins out of the helmet, click them back into the base in the cheek pad and snap the pins back into the helmet to put the cheek pads back into place.

NEXX XD1 Voyager Helmet – For When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

While the XD1 has that off-road look to it, particularly with the peak attached, it quickly converts to street use configuration by removing the peak using the “Fast Shot” quick release system, and adding a couple of side panels, all of which takes about two minutes and is done without tools.  The XD1 weighs in at 1550g (3.41 lb.) in the “enduro” configuration—with peak attached and only 1400g (3.08 lb.) in “street” trim with the peak removed.

A chin curtain minimizes wind noise in the helmet and the comfort liner includes reflective material that is visible at the base on each side of the helmet.  Small reflective panels are also included in the shell above each corner of the eye port and there’s a small reflective panel at the base of the back of the helmet.  The retention system is a padded nylon strap with double D-ring closure.

NEXX XD1 Voyager Helmet – For When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

The standard face shield is clear Lexan polycarbonate and Pinlock ready—the Pinlock shield is sold separately.  Optional 60 percent and 80 percent gradient smoke tint shields are also available.  The interior sun visor is an 80 percent gradient smoke tint as standard and raises/lowers with a raised tab on the upper left side of the helmet.

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The mechanism has a positive lock “click” position that you can feel even with riding gloves on to let you know it is secured in fully up or down position.  Likewise, a large tab at the front of the face shield makes moving the clear shield with riding gloves on easy and it locks with a click into the down position where the face shield seals against a neoprene gasket.

NEXX XD1 Voyager Helmet – For When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

Ventilation is handled by dual closable vents atop the front of the helmet with four non-operable exhaust vents at the back.  A large operable single vent in the chin bar helps vent the face piece with small exhaust vents at the sides of the chin bar.  Overall, the helmet ventilates pretty well with everything wide open.  No whistling occurred even at highway speed with the vents open or closed and buffeting was also minimal, even with the peak attached.

The NEXX X-com intercom system can be mounted on the left side of the helmet which is has a cover over the port designed for the installation. The intercom is sold separately.

There are two shell sizes; one for size extra small to medium and one for large to XXL.  Sizing and fit appear consistent with industry norms, though the opening around the base may be more tapered than some, which together with the generous padding of the bottom edge of the cheek pads and rear pads make it snug to put on, but fits very well once its on.  Colors include Black Moon, Black Moon Matte, Titanium Graphite Matte, Neon Yellow and Grey Reflex.

NEXX XD1 Voyager Helmet – For When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

The helmet comes with a cloth carry bag, side or top video cam mount, mesh alternative chin bar vent, alternate peak extender, supports for the optional Quick Strap goggle system, comprehensive owner’s manual and booklet for the two year warranty.

MSRP:  XD1 VOYAGER - $499.95, XD1 PLAIN - $449.95.

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NEXX XD1 Voyager Helmet – For When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind


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