You would think this is an easy thing to do—packing everything you need before heading to a weekend track day and/or motorcycle race. But it can be a challenge, and it wasn’t so simple for a person who isn’t very organized (someone like myself).

I’m also not only talking about how to pack things to bring in regards to your motorcycle. This should be based on what you ride and how many extra parts/tools you can afford to purchase and take with you. For the most part, I found that when you need an extra part or tool while at the track, you will most likely find another rider there that will help you out. But when it comes to things like say, an extra clean towel or a plastic fork, these things may be a bit more difficult to come by.

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In my case, I'd try to have certain household items to sustain me through a few days at the track. Unfortunately, these items would also be tossed into the dark abyss that is known as Burt’s extended cab. Burt is my boyfriend’s 1976 Ford F250. At first glance, Burt isn’t really a looker—he’s a faded-beige with a splash of rust; however, he’s also large. Burt is so large that he can carry and store A LOT of stuff. This makes him useful, therefore, track worthy in my book.

After looking at the checklist below, you will see that it would behoove you to take, at minimum, a truck with you for your weekend moto excursion.

Checklist: How to Pack for the Track

So, now we have a good track hauler, all this stuff, but no sense of uniformity on where to find anything when we needed it. That’s when I had a few “ah-ha!” moments and started figuring out ways to get better organized before heading out to go dirt biking, track riding, or racing for the weekend. Below are checklists and tips on how I was able to get it all together and make it easier to pack for the track. Grab a friend and let’s get started!

However, even though cat (or cats) can be considered your bff, they usually hinder the packing process. In this case, you may just want to go about it solo.

The Bigger Stuff

Let’s start out with things that you need to get to the track that are on the larger side and you can easily find when you pack it. If you're going to be gone for at least two days, consider bringing the following:

__Fan or small heater (dependent on the weather)

__Canopy (mainly for shade from the sun—regardless of weather)

__Fold out chairs

__Small generator

__Ice chest

__Fold-out Table

__Rear and front stands

__Retractable laundry hamper (this is your garbage can. Stick a bag in it and you’re good to go!)

__Cases or gallons of water

__Tool Chest


__Propane tank (for grill)

We found this great grill at Costco for $100. I consider this a great purchase since I’m able to make pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast, the option of making any grilled sandwich for lunch, and cooking up some kabobs for dinner.

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Checklist: How to Pack for the Track

Storage Bins Are a Blessing in Disguise

Now onto the smaller items that can wander into who knows where. My boyfriend and I decided that bins were the best way to go about keeping these things together. Below is a check list of what we put into each bin:

Bin #1 – Bathroom Items

__Toilet paper



__Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (we bought travel-size tubes to put these in; it helps against spillage)

__ Towels

__Aspirin/cold medicine

Bin #2 – Kitchen Items

__Pot and pan

__Oven mitt



__Paper towels

__ Dish soap/sponge

__Paper plates, cups, bowls

__Plastic utensils: spoons, forks, and knives

Bin #3 & #4 – Moto-specific loose items

As I mentioned earlier, depending on what you ride, how much of these things you can afford to purchase and bring with you is determined by your situation. We’re fortunate to have a lot of things to bring along to make sure our motos are in top-shape (hence, why we have two bins for these items). However, you should at minimum bring these items in case of a light crash as well as for moto maintenance:

__ At least two quarts of oil/oil filters

__ Brake/clutch levers

__ Foot pegs

__Clip-on Bars

__Chain Lube

__Brake Pads

__Brake fluid

__ToolBox Blue Shop Towels

__ Zip ties/ tape

__Air pressure gauge

Checklist: How to Pack for the Track

Bin #5 –Burt’s Bin

Because Burt doesn’t run like he used when he was first created in ’76, he still is somewhat reliable. Whether you’re driving a brand new 2015 model or something as old (or older) than Burt, you should have a bin that has:

__Trailer hitch parts (only if you rent/borrow) a trailer

__Oil (not necessary to bring if you have a newer vehicle)

__Jumper cables

__Tire plug kit

Gear Bags Are Also Awesome

Gear was also thrown into Burt’s abyss; it was so frustrating trying to find the other glove or that moto-specific sock. So enough was enough, and I bought a gear bag from Axo Racing. My boyfriend followed suit and bought a smaller one. Cycle Gear also offers some affordable gear bag options too.

Checklist: How to Pack for the Track

Finally, pick a bin where you can throw in video camera cables and phone chargers. We put these things in one of the moto parts bin, but again, pick one where it will fit and you know that’s where you’ll find it every time.

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As I wrap up writing this, I can’t help but feel I’ve missed a few items that go in the bins or should be packed for your weekend excursion. I’m sure I did miss a few item, but nonetheless, this a comprehensive checklist of things that will help you get organized and make sure you’re all set for your weekend of riding. Add or takeaway anything that you see fit.

Checklist: How to Pack for the Track
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