Like the rest of you, we've been chomping at the bit for any new information about Kawasaki's newest weapon, the Ninja H2 and H2R. We've seen the dramatic photos, we've heard the chirping dyno pulls, but today, we get to see it in motion.

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Kawasaki has released volume 11 of their viral marketing campaign for the H2 , showing the track-only H2R being put through its paces, tested and tuned at Autopolis, their test track in Japan. The sound of the Ninja H2R at full song is impressive even over computer speakers, and while the test rider handles the bike somewhat gingerly, you have to wonder what sort of systems are keeping all 300 of the hyperbike's horses in check while accelerating out of the corners.

Video: Track Testing the Ninja H2R

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There are so many questions yet to answer about the Baddest Ninja Ever. What will it cost? What power figures will the street version make? How many minutes will it be until somebody tunes the street version up into a track version with lights? What will the bike be capable of, in the right hands? What the heck does Kawasaki plan to do with it?

But one thing's for sure. Big Green knows how to get our attention, and they're doing a good job keeping it.

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