A classic case of a hobby gone out of control and beer causing good ideas. That sentence pretty much sums up ICON Team Raiden's expedition of the Mexican 1000 on their big, bad Triumph Tigers. Watch this mini documentary as two former Baja racers and one stunt rider hit the saddles in the Lord of Atlas - Mexican 1000.

This trip was completed not on a dirt bike like most everyone else, but instead on a full fledged street legal Adventure bike. They have their advantages, however, as Team Raiden should be able to top out around 140 mph on big, smooth stretches—much faster than the dirt-bike competition, but they'll take some serious skill to maneuver the tough terrain with 200-300 extra pounds when compared to the lighter dirt bike competition.

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The grueling run did take its toll on both motorbikes as one of them suffered a major rear suspension failure towards the middle. But there seems to be nothing that can kill the spirits of the men who rode and powered these machines. The support team was quick to put everything back in order and the team crossed the finish line to the cheers of an enthusiastic crowd at the end of the five day run.

Watch Two Triumph Tigers Race the Mexican 1000 - ICON Raiden

ICON always produces killer videos along with safe and great gear. This video is in conjunction with their new Raiden lineup of motorcycle riding gear. Be it designs that add to the aesthetic appeal, or technology that results in reduced weight and bulk, the new ICON Raiden is certainly the kind of motorcycling gear that you can consider the next time you intend to head out into the open world on a dirtbike.

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And just like a satisfying Marvel movie, this video ends with a teaser of what to expect from Team Raiden in the future. We’ll leave it to you to discover for yourself at the end of the clip.

Watch Two Triumph Tigers Race the Mexican 1000 - ICON Raiden

Photos Courtesy of ICON

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