New scooter gives “handles like a boat” a new meaning.

Gibbs is one of those weird manufacturers you’ve probably never heard of before. The small marque’s philosophy appears to consist of taking “wouldn’t-that-be-cool?” ideas and making them into realities. Its latest creation is the Biski, a scooter capable of turning into a jetski at the touch of a button.

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Gibbs’ goofy-looking new offering is powered by an unspecified, 55hp, two-cylinder engine capable of reaching 80mph on land, while Gibbs’ dual-jet technology enables the same engine to propel the Biski to speeds up to 37mph in the water. The Biski boasts hydraulic disk brakes fore and aft and fully-retractable rear suspension, another one of Gibbs’ proprietary technologies. The Biski also features a quad exhaust system with two land pipes sticking out above the rear wheel and another pair of exhausts towards the bottom of the bike for water use.

Meet the Biski: The Scooter-Jetski Hybrid

As you might expect, a dual-use powerplant, road and marine lighting, a 20-liter tank, and fully retractable suspension adds a few pounds. All that extra running gear results in a curb weight of just over 500 pounds despite a generous amount of carbon fiber. The total length of the amphibious two-wheeler is 92.5 inches, with a 70.5-inch wheelbase and just shy of 6 inches of ground clearance. The Biski is offered in a solo-saddle setup as well as with a passenger pillion.

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The company has previously introduced the “Quad-Ski”, an amphibious ATV-jetski hybrid powered a 1293cc BMW K1300 inline-four engine as well as a marine jet drive propulsion system. The shaft drive amphibious four-wheeler featured a constant-mesh six-speed gearbox and an electric automated clutch made in-house by Gibbs. Because of its dry-weight of 1,180lbs, it topped-out at 45mph on both land and water despite its 145hp German engine.

Meet the Biski: The Scooter-Jetski Hybrid

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Aside from some very specific police and military applications, it’s hard to see who exactly the Biski – or any of Gibbs’ products – is for (It is also clearly for people who like things that are both awesome and ridiculous like me - JM). Pricing doesn’t appear to be available yet, but Gibbs' Quadski sold for around $40K, which suggests that the Biski will be far from cheap. Regardless, it’s a funny one. For anyone itching for more info on the Biski you can check out its website.

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