How a grandson’s kind gesture for his grandma ballooned into an impromptu ride attended by several dozen motorcyclists.

Datha Roberts was about to turn 100 and had never ridden a motorcycle. An offhanded comment to her grandson would change that however. "She informed me she had never ridden a motorcycle, and she would like to sometime before she passes on," explains Roberts’ grandson, Troy.

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So when the day of his grandma’s triple digit birthday rolled around, Troy arranged to take her out on a big, V-Twin cruiser for her first ride on two-wheels. Originally Troy only mentioned the ride to a couple buddies, however word got around on social media and before he knew it, approximately 50 other bikers had opted to show up and take part in the birthday ride.

"I was just overwhelmed with everything. I expected a little thing and not a big thing," stated Roberts.

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Datha Roberts on the back of her grandson's cruiser on her 100th birthday

Datha Roberts on the back of her grandson's cruiser on her 100th birthday

While Roberts is a little late to the punch, it’s fun to see someone take their first ride, especially when that someone is 100.

"She'll always remember this, it'll be a very special day for her," Troy said.

When asked what she thought of the experience, Roberts responded saying she found the ride to be exciting, though that was to be expected coming from her typical daily activities of playing cards and drinking tea with friends. Overall the grandma seemingly enjoyed not only the experience of physically riding a motorcycle for the first time, but she also got to take part in a pretty special group ride.

"I'm ready to go again," says Roberts.


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