YouTube channel Brick House Builds usually concerns itself with classic bike rescues, restorations, and customizations. We’ve talked about some of their videos in the past, because they’re generally well put together, entertaining, and informative—which are three of our favorite things, if you ask us. 

This time, though, BHB is doing something a little different. If you like working on bikes, is there anything more exciting than New Parts Day? Yep, we didn’t think so. BHB apparently concurs, because this video is all about a parts haul—specifically, thousands of parts acquired from a local shop that was apparently going out of business.  

As BHB characterizes it, they may have bitten off more than they can chew, because there’s just SO MUCH to go through. The plan isn’t to keep all of it, either. Instead, it’s to go through what’s there, take a total inventory of all the different parts and part numbers, and then sell most of it on eBay to people who are looking for the parts that BHB just kept out of a landfill somewhere. 

The video largely consists of BJ from BHB slowly unpacking the company van over the course of several sessions, and loosely grouping items into like groups. Chains and sprockets go in one bin, lights go in another (and actually two bins, because there are so many of them), brake pads and shoes go in another pile, and so on.  

Once the general groupings are complete, it will be easier to go through and categorize things by make and model, as well as take down all the parts numbers and gather a full inventory of what’s actually there. It’s a massive undertaking, and one that will likely take a pretty decent chunk of time. BHB says it’s going to bring in some help to get it all done, but even so—there are only so many hours in a day, you know? 

While there are clearly a whole lot of aftermarket parts in this haul, there are also plenty of OEM pieces to admire. Not everything here is for bikes, either—some parts are for ATVs and ATCs, as well. In any case, it seems extremely likely that there are a lot of parts here that could make some moto, ATV, and ATC enthusiasts who wrench very happy once they see them. If you want to follow the BHB eBay store to see what gets listed in the future, we’ll include a link in our Sources. Happy wrenching! 

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