Are you the proud owner of a 2021 Triumph motorcycle? Maybe you’re thinking about it, but haven’t taken the jump quite yet. In either case, we have some great news for you, courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles America. Effective immediately, all owners of 2021 and newer Triumph Motorcycles in the  and  will receive two years of complimentary roadside assistance as standard.  

The expiration dates on this coverage are slightly different, depending on whether you purchased a 2021 model in the first six months of 2021. For those Triumph owners, you’ll automatically receive this benefit through June 30, 2023, regardless of when you previously purchased your 2021 model. 

For Triumph owners who purchase 2021 and future models in July 2021 or later, this complimentary roadside assistance plan will last two years from the date of your purchase. The program is administered by CornerStone United, which offers 24/7 roadside assistance throughout the U.S. and Canada, at a value of up to $100 per occurrence. Triumph owners have their own dedicated hotlines (877-667-1537 in the U.S. and 877-276-9576 in Canada) for when they need help. 

What kind of assistance is included? All the things you’d expect, thankfully. Towing assistance, flat tire assistance, fluid delivery (oil, fuel, or water), lock-out assistance (including lost and/or broken keys stuck in your ignition), and battery service are all covered.  

CornerStone United will pay the servicer who renders your roadside assistance directly. As soon as you’ve purchased a new Triumph, you’re covered at no additional charge. Even better, if you decide to sell your Triumph before the two years are up, this roadside assistance is fully transferrable to the new owner.  

“We are pleased to be able to provide this service to our customer. As motorcycle riders ourselves, we know all about unexpected mishaps on the road. This roadside assistance program will offer our customers peace of mind that when the unexpected happens, they’ll have support to help them get back on the road,” said Triumph Motorcycles America general manager Rod Lopusnak in a statement. 

As many riders who have required roadside assistance can tell you, it may end up costing more than $100. So, you may still need to hand over some money if you don’t have additional coverage. Still, every little bit makes a difference—just ask anyone who finds a single leftover bolt staring them in the face after putting their engine back together. 

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