We encourage everyone who has an interest in working on their own bike to do it, regardless of age, size, shape, color, or gender. Anyone can do it if they try. Of course, some people will be better at it than others. Killswitch Queen demonstrates her particular form of motorcycle magic here.

Recently she swapped her Mad-Max-style Harley-Davidson Sportster for something a bit more refined, a 2010 Triumph Speed Triple. As a naked bike, there's no bodywork to damage if it tips over, but it can still do a job on the frame and the engine. A pair of SW-Motech frame sliders will literally fall on that sword and take the hit to save the rest of the bike.

Killswitch Queen takes a fairly simple, routine job and makes it special. From the completely improper use of gloves to the self-removing bolts (just a dab'll do ya), to the happy dance at the end, this is even more entertaining than it is informative. After watching, though, you'll still know just how easy it is to install sliders on your Speed Triple, even if you don't share her magical wrenching powers.


It's worth noting that, this video aside, Killswitch Queen is actually a rather adept mechanic. Her video on that subject is worth a watch, but basically she started wrenching on her own bikes, particularly her Sportster, out of necessity and learned to do the work herself to save the expense of having a shop do it. She felt empowered from it and wanted to learn more. After harassing all of her local shops she convinced one to take her on as an apprentice to learn the ways of the wrench. The rest is history.

Still, it's great that she can take all of her hard-earned skills and knowledge, chuck it out the window, and make a silly little video like this. A good sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously will get you far in life.

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