Being someone who prefers sportier riding, I naturally lean towards equipment that suits my riding style. Living in the Philippines, where the climate tends to be hot, I favor textile jackets that offer both ventilation and reliable protection. Upon learning about the Furygan Speed Mesh Evo jacket, it instantly captured my interest as the ideal choice to fulfill my requirements.

I was filled with enthusiasm as I eagerly looked forward to testing it out while riding. Fortunately, WWR Manila, the kind folks responsible for distributing the brand, were more than happy to oblige. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thoroughly testing the jacket, and I must say, it has provided me with an exceptional blend of comfort, airflow, and a reassuring sense of protection during my rides.

Praiseworthy First Impressions:

Gear Review: Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket

The Furygan Speed Mesh Evo jacket truly lives up to its name by offering a dynamic and sporty design that seamlessly combines the comfort of mesh with the protective features of leather. It cleverly incorporates cowhide panels strategically placed on vulnerable areas like the shoulders, elbows, and back, providing exceptional resistance against abrasion and impact. These reinforced sections not only offer peace of mind but also contribute to the jacket's overall durability, ensuring it withstands rigorous use.

To enhance breathability and freedom of movement, the Speed Mesh Evo jacket utilizes 3D mesh fabric in other areas. This innovative material promotes optimal airflow, facilitating efficient ventilation during hot rides, which is particularly beneficial in our warm climate. Moreover, the 3D mesh fabric allows for a wide range of motion, ensuring that you can comfortably and effortlessly maneuver while enjoying the exhilaration of your sporty riding style.

A Sporty Design Tailored For The Street:

Gear Review: Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket
Gear Review: Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket

In terms of style, the Speed Mesh Evo jacket exudes a sporty cut that closely resembles a racing suit. Its form-fitting shape not only enhances aerodynamics but also highlights your physique. The jacket's minimalist design adds a touch of sophistication, making it suitable for riders of various types of street bikes. Whether you prefer a sportbike, naked bike, or a cruiser, the Speed Mesh jacket effortlessly complements your overall aesthetic.

While the jacket may feel slightly heavier and bulkier compared to lightweight mesh jackets, it is evident that these features are intentional and necessary to provide the highest level of protection. The added weight and volume stem from the jacket's robust construction and the use of premium materials, which ensure your safety on the road.

Confidence-Inspiring Fit:

Gear Review: Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket

When it comes to the fit of the Speed Mesh jacket, its sporty cut is intentionally tailored for maximum protection and improved aerodynamic efficiency during your rides. Due to this design, the jacket naturally offers a snug fit. Considering my athletic build from powerlifting and regular gym workouts, I noticed that the jacket provided a particularly tight and secure feel around the arms, ensuring a form-fitting experience in that area. However, it fits perfectly around the chest and waist, delivering overall comfort and a well-fitted sensation.

Since acquiring the Speed Mesh Evo jacket, I have had the opportunity to go on several rides, and I'm pleased to report that it is gradually breaking in with each outing. As I wear it more frequently, I find that it becomes easier and more comfortable to put on. The leather material is also becoming increasingly supple, enhancing flexibility and overall comfort. For those seeking guidance on sizing, I personally opted for an XL size, which has proven to be suitable for my measurements of 5'8" in height and a waist measuring 32 inches.

Excellent Roadgoing Capabilities:

Gear Review: Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket

Due to its primarily leather composition, the Speed Mesh jacket tends to generate more heat compared to typical mesh jackets. This becomes especially noticeable in traffic situations where heat can accumulate. However, there is a solution to mitigate this issue. By slightly opening the jacket's zipper, you can experience a significant influx of air, especially when you start moving. It's important to remember that, like all leather jackets, the Speed Mesh jacket requires a break-in period to become more comfortable.

To expedite this break-in process, I recommend wearing the jacket off the bike initially, whether it's at home or at work. This allows the leather to gain suppleness and conform to your body before hitting the road. One advantage of the snug fit provided by the jacket is that it remains securely in place even at high speeds, without any flapping or disturbance. Just ensure that all the zippers and buckles are properly closed for optimal safety and aerodynamic performance.

An Abundance Of Safety Features:

Gear Review: Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket

The Speed Mesh Evo jacket truly stands out as one of the most protective street jackets I have ever owned. Its exceptional level of protection is evident in its Class AA PPE certification, which adheres to the latest EN17092 standard. Equipped with D3O protectors on the shoulders and elbows, the jacket offers excellent impact absorption. Additionally, the jacket features a dedicated pocket for an optional back protector, allowing you to further enhance your safety measures. For my own peace of mind, I personally installed a D3O back protector in this pocket, providing an extra layer of protection.

In addition, the Speed Mesh jacket offers front pockets designed to accommodate optional chest protectors, allowing riders to customize their level of protection based on their preferences. Furthermore, the design of the Speed Mesh jacket ensures compatibility with airbag vests, although I haven't had the opportunity to personally test it with one. It's worth noting that the Speed Mesh jacket also incorporates external protective shells on the shoulders, which serve as an additional layer of protection for key impact areas.


Gear Review: Furygan Speed Mesh Evo Jacket

Considering the abundance of safety features it offers, the price tag of P23,400 (about $418 USD) for the Speed Mesh jacket is more than justified. One of the standout features is its Class AA PPE certification, which guarantees top-tier protection in accordance with industry standards. This certification alone provides a significant advantage, emphasizing the jacket's dedication to ensuring rider safety.

Furthermore, the Speed Mesh Evo jacket's stylish and sporty design not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also instills confidence in riders. The combination of advanced safety features and a visually appealing design makes the jacket an enticing choice for those seeking both protection and style during their rides.

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