In reality, the Arai Corsair V isn’t the ultimate helmet its reputation suggests. Having said that, it is exceptionally comfortable, very high quality and ventilates effectively. If you like Arais, it’s the nicest one you can buy.

Price: $720 (plain) to $840 (replica)

Why We Like It: While Arai has lagged behind other helmet makers on innovation, its solid build quality continues to justify a premium price tag. The Corsair V’s large, external top vents flow a good amount of air and the helmet is very aerodynamically stable - particularly during high-speed shoulder checks. The sweat-wicking “Dry Cool” liner is also positively luxurious.

Arai Corsair V Helmet

Arai Corsair V Helmet

Less Expensive Competitor: Starting at $180, the plastic-shelled Icon Airmada features a similar head shape and far superior ventilation. The Airmada weighs about the same and is made to the superior ECE 22.05 safety standard

You Should Also Check Out: If you’re after the best motorcycle helmet, see if the $900 Schuberth SR1 fits you. Developed by Michael Schumacher himself, it has the strongest claim of any current helmet at being the “best.” That means its lighter, ECE 22.05, vents better and genuinely innovative.

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