Line offers old-school cool with modern Dainese-level protection

According to some commenters on a recent RideApart article, being a fan of good-looking motorcycle clothing somehow makes you sexist. Not sure we follow the logic there, but our love of Dainese’s new Settantadue collection is probably a sign that we are shallow, baseless, terrible people. Because we think this stuff is gorgeous, fam.

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Take a look at the Freccia72 jacket, for example – especially in red. Dainese says it’s one of the centerpieces of the collection and I can see why. It’s like wearing the Ford Gran Torino from “Starsky and Hutch.” The good news is the $600 jacket (which is equipped with shoulder and elbow armor) is available for both men and women.

New Dainese Settantadue Line is All Kinds of Sexy

Settantadue, simply Italian for “72,” commemorates the founding year of Dainese: 1972. The company is perhaps best known for its high-quality race leathers but its latest retro-inspired collection is clearly aimed at street riders.

“The new collection combines style, beauty, and elegance with a history that is 100-percent Italian,” declares the Molvena, Italy-based company.

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The product line is the brainchild of Dainese Art Director Renato Montagner, who highlighted the $650 Rapida72 jacket as another item that represents the heart of the collection.

New Dainese Settantadue Line is All Kinds of Sexy

“To create Dainese Settantadue, I spent weeks immersed in our immense archives searching for inspiration from the great stylistic collaborations of the past, from Yohji Yamamoto to Valextra,” Montagner said. “The first production will be a selection of aesthetic affirmations that will come to life when they are in the arms of kindred spirits.”

I’m not really sure what that last sentence means – it’s the sort of stuff you see in press releases from almost every Italy-based company, be it Dainese or Ducati. I assume it’s a lost-in-translation sort of thing and it all makes perfect sense in Italian. Either way, it’s gorgeous stuff, so you can forgive them for being a little overly effusive.

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New Dainese Settantadue Line is All Kinds of Sexy

“Heritage, beauty and contemporaneity are the three values on which is based,” said Dainese CEO Cristiano Silei. “In perfect harmony with our history and our roots, it reinterprets technical garments to embrace an even larger audience.”

In addition to a baker’s dozen of drool-inducing leather jackets, the Settantadue collection also features gloves, pants, boots, and non-riding gear like T-shirts and wallets. To learn more, visit

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