Do you remember EICMA 2023? It's OK if you don't, but I hope that if you do, one thing that sticks out in your mind is the Italjet Dragster 559 Twin

I'm an enthusiast, and I get excited about things pretty frequently, but few things make me audibly gasp like this thing did. Although I regrettably didn't get to see it in person, my partner did. He captured both photos and video, and said it was even cooler in person.

As excited as I was to learn that the Dragster 559 Twin not only existed but that Italjet was planning to put it into production both as a limited-edition, all-bells-and-whistles version and a pared down, production version, I'm even more stoked about it in July 2024.

Why? Because Italjet just took to its Instagram to formally announce that it's going even bigger. If a 559cc Twin is cool, why not a 700cc Twin, too? (Will the 700cc version also come with a manual shifter? Here's hoping!)

Anyway, that's why, on July 12, 2024, the Italian scooter specialist is opening up preorders for an exclusive, limited-edition Italjet Dragster 700 Twin.


If you're on Italian time, the official preorder window for the Italjet Dragster 700 Twin opens at 4 p.m. Italian time on July 12, 2024. For those keeping track at home, Italy is currently seven hours ahead of Central Time, or six hours ahead of Eastern Time. So that's 9 a.m. Central, or 10 a.m. Eastern if you're in the US. 

Details and specs on the Dragster 700 Twin haven't been released yet, but if the Dragster 559 Twin shown at EICMA is anything to go by, it should be interesting to watch as those pieces start to fall into place.

Italjet advises anyone interested in following all things Dragster 700 Twin-related to sign up here on its website for updates. We'll be sure to keep you posted at RideApart as and when we learn more, and hey, if we get the chance to ride the thing, you'll definitely hear about that too (please, Italjet?).

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