Steve McQueen was born nearly 100 years ago. And famed as 'The King of Cool' in Hollywood, he had some notable 4-wheeled racing success, including placing third in the British Touring Car Championship and winning the 12 Hours of Sebring.

Yet, he's one of the first names that comes to mind when someone asks you to name an iconic motorcyclist. The man did it all. Métisse even based a limited-edition Steve McQueen Desert Racer on the actor's design, and now's your chance to own one.

This bike is a replica of the Métisse Mk3, and just 300 examples were built to commemorate the 30th anniversary of McQueen's death. This unit's odometer indicates approximately 550 miles. The current bid sits at £5,100 ($6,444), and the auction ends on Friday.

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Now, this isn't just some random bike that commemorates McQueen. He owned a Mk3 and had it modified to suit his specific requirements, which included the demands of desert racing. All of the modifications requested by McQueen feature on this replica. 

The late actor was so enamored by the Mk3 that it led him to say, "This rig is the best handling bike I've ever owned."

Endorsed by Steve McQueens estate and built by Métisse Motorcycles, the Desert Racer features a refurbished original 1967 750cc parallel-twin Triumph Bonneville engine, nickel-plated chromoly frame, stainless-steel rims and spokes, Ceriani and Girling replica suspension. You'll also find Steve McQueen's authorized signature on the fuel tank.

steve mcqueen desert racer
steve mcqueen desert racer
steve mcqueen desert racer

This unit was registered for road use with the DVLA in October 2017 but is only set up for daytime running, as it's not fitted with indicators or lights, although a headlight, horn, and rear light are included.

This model is loaded with goodies, including an Amal single concentric-type carburetor, twin upswept chrome exhaust pipes, BSA yokes, a seven-inch Triumph front drum brake, chromed handlebars with alloy levers, sprung foot-pegs, and a wireless digital clock/odometer. 

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