If you've been riding for a long time, you'll inevitably encounter some wildlife on one of your rides. 

It happens to everyone. But for the most part, the wildlife is usually of the squirrel variety, or they're far enough away that you can just admire them from afar. Sometimes, however, the wildlife seems determined to meet you up close and personal, invading your space, and causing all sorts of havoc and/or "Oh no!" moments. 

That's definitely the case of this motorcyclist who came precious millimeters from meeting a local deer friend on their ride around town. 

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From the video clip above, you can see the two riders out enjoying the sunshine on their bikes. They're just puttering down the road when, out of the corner of the screen, comes a flying deer. It just narrowly misses the lead rider by what had to be a few inches at most. 

And the rider notices it, too, as you can see right after, they're pretty pumped they didn't just get smoked by flying venison. 

I've actually been in a similar situation here in Utah. One more, on my way to an event, I was riding a Honda CRF300L Rally when a deer herd popped out onto the street. I did my best Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift impression, and slid around the herd, my heart beating out of my chest, while my buttocks was firmly clenched tight. 

It was...terrifying. And I'm sure this rider felt similar to my experience. 

But these things happen. I'd love to hear more stories of animal encounters, so sound off in the comments below and let us know about your wild stories from your rides.


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