Lane-splitting is literally the best thing ever. Yes, that's hyperbolic, but the feeling you get passing every single car sitting idle in traffic while you whizz past unencumbered will make you feel like you've hacked the system. Nothing can stop you!

So it's easy to see why a lot of car drivers get angry and jealous of motorcyclists. We're "getting away with" something they wish they could do too. But, folks, no matter how hard you try, no matter how small you think your car is, you should never try lane-splitting in an automobile. 

Case in point, this Honda Fit that tried to pull such and maneuver and got sent flying sky-high. 

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I've now watched this video a number of times and I still can't believe my eyes. First, there's no mistaking what the driver of the Honda was doing. They were absolutely trying to lane-split their diminutive hatchback through the truck and SUV. It's plain as day. 

But the insanity of it is properly breathtaking, as once the Honda attempts to worm its way through the two vehicles, they all come together, pop the Fit into the air, it nearly does a barrel roll, and in the ensuing action, gets pushed over the Jersey barrier and down what looks to be an on-ramp. And one that has a far drop by how fast it disappears over the barrier. 

It's like something out of a Michael Bay movie. The only thing missing is an explosion after the Honda hits the pavement after the fall. 

But the takeaway from this video has to be, no, your car cannot lane-split like a motorcycle. I would've thought that that'd be obviously given the two are wildly different widths, but here we are.

Also, I need to remind myself that commonsense ain't common these days. Please don't try to lane-split your car. But if you want to lane-split, can I interest you in a motorcycle?

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