Husqvarna is ready to rip up the trails for the 2025 model-year, as it’s just pulled the covers off its enduro and dual-sport lineup. The Swedish brand under Pierer Mobility is offering a total of six models for 2025, catering to off-road riders of all skill levels.

Take your pic from either two- or four-stroke machinery, all of which are packed with race-derived technology for dependable top-tier performance. Across the board, Husky has given its new dirtbikes improved performance and reliability with new components such as Brembo brakes, a reinforced swingarm, and fully adjustable suspension from WP.

Here’s a rundown on what to expect from Husqvarna’s 2025 lineup.

Take A Look At Husqvarna’s 2025 Enduro And Dual-Sport Lineup
Take A Look At Husqvarna’s 2025 Enduro And Dual-Sport Lineup

Husqvarna cuts its six-bike offering right in the middle, offering three two-stroke models and three four-stroke models. Starting with the 2T machines, the TE150, TE250, and TE300 all come standard with improved Throttle Body Injection and a Map Select Switch for quick changes on the fly.

Like before, the TE series gets a six-speed gearbox, and WP XACT suspension boasting a full suite of adjustability. Updated Brembo brakes also ensure reliable stopping performance.

Moving on to the four-stroke machines, the FE series makes a comeback in three flavors: 350, 450, and 501. All three boast race-proven components such as switchable traction control and a quickshifter. Like their two-stroke siblings, the FE series gets new Brembo brake and clutch systems, WP XACT suspension hardware, and a revised swingarm.

Take A Look At Husqvarna’s 2025 Enduro And Dual-Sport Lineup
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Both the two- and four-stroke models are built around a hydro-formed chromium molybdenum frame which Husqvarna says is designed for maximum compliance. This means maximum rigidity where it needs it and ample flex where it matters. The geometry of the frame and swingarm has also been engineered for refined anti-squat under heavy acceleration.

No Husky model announcement would be complete without accompanying apparel, and for 2025, Husqvarna is also launching its Functional Offroad Apparel Collection consisting of riding gear and waterproof clothing. Husky says that the apparel range is designed for maximum comfort on even the longest days on the saddle, and in all types of weather.

Husqvarna’s TE and FE series of dirtbikes are loved by many, and for good reason. It’s easy to see just how much R&D goes into these bikes, as year after year, Husqvarna, as well as its sister companies KTM and GasGas, seem to eke out more performance, improved tech, and reduced weight from their lineup of machines. It’s hard to imagine how these bikes can be made even better, and yet Husqvarna somehow manages to keep doing so.

The 2025 Husqvarna TE and FE enduro and dual-sports will be available across Husky dealerships from July 2024.

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