The motorcycle industry has no shortage of heroes and legends. From the pioneers of racing like Agostini to modern-day hall-of-famers like Rossi, many names have contributed to making two-wheeled motorsports as great as it is today.

Mary McGee is undoubtedly one of those greats, as she was the first woman to race motorcycles in the US, opening doors for more women to enter what was then, and continues to be, a male-dominated sport.

To honor McGee’s legacy and her valuable contributions to the world of motorcycle racing, Rachel Greenwald produced a documentary entitled “Motorcycle Mary,” which features the work of director Haley Watson in her directorial debut.

The film was also executive produced by two-time Oscar winner Ben Proudfoot and seven-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton, so you can bet this short film is worth a watch.

Mary McGee: Bikers you Should Know

The 22-minute documentary was recently acquired by ESPN Films and will be part of its 30 for 30 Shorts catalog.

“Mary McGee’s story is not only a testament to her incredible skills and perseverance but also an inspiration to all who dare to break barriers,” says Marsha Cooke, Vice President and Executive Producer of ESPN Films. “Motorcycle Mary captures her indomitable spirit and the trailblazing legacy she leaves behind in the world of motorsports, and we’re looking forward to bringing it to ESPN audiences soon,” she added.

The film features highlights from the life and racing career of Mary McGee, who was born in Alaska on the eve of World War II. Her love for racing was first sparked in automobiles, where she outshined her male competitors. When she transitioned into motorcycle racing, she was the first woman in the US to do so, and at the time, had to go up against not just fierce competition, but gender stereotypes and sexism.

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Through it all, Mary McGee became the first person to complete the Baja 500 solo on a motorcycle. Her racing career spanned an illustrious three decades, and saw her master multiple racing disciplines both on- and off-road.

The sport we’re most passionate about has quite the storied history, and it’s awesome that people are working to preserve and pass this history on to the next generations through films like “Motorcycle Mary.” Big names in both the film and motorcycle industry—such as Ben Proudfoot and Lewis Hamilton—backing the project, make it all the more exciting.

The film made its debut last Friday, June 7, with additional screenings scheduled for June 13 and 15. But if you missed any or all of those screening dates, you don’t have to worry, as the documentary will soon be available on ESPN.

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