Whether you like it or not, the EV transition waits for no one. And that includes the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer; Honda. 

Now, it's still early days for Honda Powersports as the company hasn't yet released an EV into its lineup here in the U.S. I'm still waiting on an EV Grom, Honda. Make it so. But that hasn't stopped the company from setting out some serious targets for its electrification. 

Don't worry, you still have time to snag an Africa Twin, Talon side-by-side, scooter, or CRF, but that time is rapidly diminishing.

Released in Honda's Summary of 2024 Honda Business Briefing on Direction of Electrification Initiatives and Investment Strategy, the company's outlook on EVs is one that aims to have a fully electric fleet by 2040.

And that includes all of its motorcycles. 

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According to the release, "Honda has not changed its belief that EVs are the most effective solution in the area of small mobility products such as motorcycles and automobiles, and Honda’s electrification target to make EVs and FCEVs represent 100% of its global vehicle sales by 2040 remains unchanged. Honda must look ahead to the period of EV popularization and build a strong EV brand and a strong EV business foundation from a medium- to long-term perspective."

How Honda will achieve that milestone concerning small mobility products—i.e. motorcycles—is laid out further in the release, stating that it will use a forthcoming Honda Mobile Power Pack e: (MPP), which "Honda will introduce a micro-mobility product which will be equipped with 4 MPPs in Japan before the end of FY2026." Likewise, the company states that an upcoming electric motorcycle will be launched this year and powered by two MPPs.

Honda does mention that e-Fuels are intriguing, but that the development of those technologies haven't yet become mature enough to base its planning on. Which means bye-bye, gasoline.

I've known that time's up on ICE motorcycles and powersports, but it's always a sad day when you get the cold language of their demise in writing. 

Yes, it'll be far better for the environment. It'll be far better for the planet. But I'll miss the thrum of an engine, the shift of a clutch, and the yowl of an inline four-cylinder screaming at 15,000 rpm.

Let's just hope those noises don't go away for good. 

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