I, personally, like automatic motorcycles. I also like traditional manuals, for those about to take my head off in the comments below.  

But to me, they offer something most manual motorcycles don't. The opportunity to really focus on the basics of picking a line, throttle control, braking, and how to lean a bike. And not just for beginners, either, offering up an easier route to motorcycling and learning motorcycle dynamics. Automatic motorcycles can even help seasoned riders get better in their fundamentals as it removes one input from the equation, i.e. the clutch. It allows you to focus.

There are, however, instances where I'm not sure an automatic transmission makes sense. And one of them is with KTM's adventure motorcycles, where a clutch is so integral to the experience, it sorta feels weird. 

Granted, KTM doesn't think so, which is why the company showed off a prototype automatic transmission at the infamous Erzbergrodeo in Austria, putting the bike through the Prologue paces, and setting itself up for the future of KTM. 

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There are plenty of automatic adventure motorcycles already on the market, so that's not new. And I've enjoyed a number of them myself. But what's weird is it's coming from KTM, the brand known for hard-core enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Meaning, I get why Honda and BMW offer ATs, but are KTM's clients really asking for this?

We'll know soon enough, as with the video teaser showing off the camouflaged KTM AMT, the brand also included a link to its website with a countdown. The site reads, "Save the date. New technology is on the way for KTM enthusiasts to enjoy." The countdown itself reflects a date of September 24th for the AMT's debut. 

What I will say is that from the teaser video of the bike, which is being ridden along the Erzberg Prologue track by none other than FIM World Enduro champ Johnny Aubert, the bike looks sick. As you'd expect from KTM. But the distinct lack of clutch controls also looks off to my eyes. 

Maybe I'm wrong though? Maybe I'll hop on this motorcycle and be like, "Woah, where have you been all my life?" We'll have to wait and see.

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